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More than just PAT testing....

Microwave Leakage Detection


Like all other electrical appliances sold in the UK, microwave ovens are perfectly safe when new. However, like any appliance, they can become damaged with age and use.


Like all electrical appliances, microwaves need testing for electrical safety. Unlike other appliances, they are designed to emit powerful radiation. This is perfectly safe when it is contained within the microwave, but if the door or seals become damaged, then the microwaves can escape and affect people using the oven.


You cannot feel or see

microwave radiation, so

the only way to ensure

that your oven is safe is

to test it annually for



Microwave Leakage Testing

Mains Socket Testing


Mains electrical wiring is contained within the walls of your building, where it is not disturbed, and so only needs testing every 5 years.


However, mains sockets are in use every day, plugging in and unplugging appliances and can become damaged.


It is therefore recommended to have your mains sockets tested annually.



The test is very simple, and includes a full earth loop impedance test, to make

sure that the socket is

correctly  connected to your

building’s external earth point.  

Mains Socket Testing